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Visit the Tick Encounter Resource Center website for comprehensive information about tick protection and disease prevention. Go to www.tickencounter.org to learn how to safely remove and identify ticks.
The following international agencies also recommend insect repellent apparel:

The U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services Centers For Disease Control and Preventation (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

The American Academy of Family Physicians

The Public Health Agency of Canada

All of these agencies urge anyone concerned about insect-borne disease to use permethrin-treated clothing (like Insect Shield) as a protective measure.


One of the nation’s leading tick experts, Thomas Mather, Ph.D., is an established authority on preventing Lyme disease, and is highly sought after for his entertaining and memorable messages about tick bite prevention. He is professor of Public Health Entomology at the University of Rhode Island and Director of URI’s Tick Encounter Resource Center (TERC). His work in tick ecology, tick control and anti-tick vaccine development is nationally and internationally recognized, and TERC’s interactive website, www.tickencounter.org is fast becoming the nation’s leading resource for tick bite protection and tick-borne disease prevention.

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