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Flies are the only insects with just one set of wings. The Order, known as Diptera, includes gnats, midges, mosquitoes and numerous other species. It is estimated that there may be more than one million species of flies now in existence. They live everywhere on Earth, except at the North and South Poles.

Flies, including mosquitoes and others, can spread serious diseases—and are said to be the source of more human illness and death than any other organisms except transmitted pathogens and people themselves. In addition to mosquito repellent clothing for men, women and kids, Insect Shield offers two forms of mosquito clothing treatment, our permethrin spray for clothes, and our service called Insect Shield Your Own Clothes: send us your favorite clothes and we will treat them with our repellent and send them back to you!

All flies have one pair of fully developed wings, and another pair of small “hindwings” for maintaining balance. They have hairs all over their bodies with which they taste, smell and feel. They are also equipped with sticky pads on their legs that allow them to cling to and walk on slick vertical surfaces—even upside down. The males and females can prove difficult to tell apart, but the females are usually larger.

Many types of flies bite people and animals.

Flies have four distinct stages of growth, including egg, larva (maggot), pupa, and adult. They primarily survive on garbage and animal feces. Larvae feed on decaying meat and feces. Adult flies feed on any kind of sugary food. They are a nuisance to people, and can spread the parasite that causes dysentery. They also are believed to contribute to the spread of typhoid fever, cholera and other diseases.