Dog's Insect Repellent Tee | Insect Shield Insect Shield Premium Dog Tee
Dog's Insect Repellent Tee

Insect Shield Premium Dog Tee

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Built-in insect protection™

Product Details

- Lightweight fabric for a comfortable fit 
- Raglan design offers a modern sporty look  

XS (10"), S (12"), S/M (14"), M (16"), L (20"), XL (24"), & XXL (30")

Insect Shield products are appropriate for use by the entire family/no restrictions for use

Insect Shield® Advantages
Insect Shield® technology converts clothing and gear into effective, long lasting and convenient insect protection.

No restrictions for use
Repellency lasts the expected lifetime of the product (70 washings for apparel items) 

Insect Shield Repellent Gear products are EPA registered to repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and fleas through 25 launderings.


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The best product for your dog

I got this t-shirt for camping and the mosquitoes/ little guy stopped scratching from the fleas.  I definitely and highly recommend!!!!  I will be ordering another one for my dog (niece)!!!!