Women's Insect Repellent Clothing | Insect Shield


Choose from casual women’s and maternity insect repellent shirts, t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, hats, socks and protective wraps, scarves and kimono accessories.

All women’s styles feature built-in Insect Shield repellency that lasts through 70 washings.


Women's Twill Work Shirt

$ 46.00

W's Insect Shield Tech Pant

$ 44.00

Women's Work Jean

$ 64.00
Women's Cargo Pant

$ 62.00

UV Insect Shield Buff Hatch

$ 28.00
Red Insect Shield Bandana

$ 7.95

Insect Shield Sun Hat

$ 34.95
Insect Shield Baseball Hat

$ 24.95

Crew Socks (Two-Pair Pack)

$ 14.95

Insect Shield’s line of women’s insect repellent clothing combines casual style comfort with proven, EPA-registered bug protection. Our repellent technology is bonded so tightly bound to the fabric that the repellency lasts through 70 washings (for apparel items). Insect Shield clothing and gear products protect against a variety of pesky and potentially dangerous bugs such as mosquitoes and ticks that can carry Lyme disease, Zika virus, malaria and West Nile virus. Choose from women’s bug repellent shirts, pants, scarves, wraps, hats, socks, bandanas, maternity options and more. Insect Shield products are all appropriate for use by the entire family, so don’t miss the Insect Shield kid’s bug repellent options as well. The simple, versatile styling combined with the added insect repellent performance enable you to wear Insect Shield for everything from buggy backyard BBQ's to gardening, family camping, outdoor concerts, sporting events, or picnics, walks and hikes in the park. Insect Shield will quickly become your go-to weekend or every day wear. The repellency stays in the fabric, not on your skin. You can’t tell it’s there, but the bugs can. Insect Shield will change the way you think about insect protection for yourself, family and pet.