Is Permethrin Treated Clothing Safe?

Insect Shield’s permethrin-treated clothing received the first-ever EPA safety rating of Category IV, which is considered “most favorable” or the highest safety level awarded. To receive its EPA registration, Insect Shield’s permethrin technology was extensively tested, confirming no adverse effects on people, animals, or the environment. This means that there are no restrictions and the entire family can use insect Shield’s permethrin-treated clothing. 

Additionally, the Hohenstein Institute, an accredited test laboratory and research institute, have performed extensive allergy and skin sensitivity tests. Insect Shield was awarded both “Hypoallergenic” and “No Allergy Potential” labels. 

Permethrin treated apparel is recommended by many trusted organizations, including The American Academy of Family Physicians, The World Health Organization (WHO), National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and The Public Health Agency of Canada. These agencies believe that the fight against insect-borne diseases can be mitigated using these products.

Insect Shield also commissions its own third-party studies on the efficacy and reliability of its products. Through various outside research efforts, they continue to meticulously monitor the chemistry, application, and final product. Throughout these endeavors, Insect Shield’s goal is to continue providing a dependable product that offers protection and safety to its customers.

The advantages of Insect Shield permethrin-treated clothing are numerous. Unlike topical repellents, Insect Shield will not come off when you sweat, does not absorb into your skin, cannot be swallowed, is not harmful to eyes, and cannot be inhaled. There is no potential for overuse. The advantage is invisible, long-lasting, and convenient insect protection that benefits the entire family.

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