5 of Our Favorite Fall Outdoor Activities - How to Prepare

Cooler weather and shorter daylight hours require intentionality to optimize your time outside. Strategically prep before you head outdoors to ensure every minute is enjoyed.

Enjoy fall hiking trips and don't forget your insect repellent clothes!


For fall hiking, be prepared with the Ten Essentials.

  • Navigation
  • Headlamp
  • Sun Protection
  • First Aid
  • Knife
  • Fire
  • Shelter
  • Extra Food
  • Extra Water
  • Extra Clothes

Dress in layers as the weather can transition from warm to cold quickly and without warning. While enjoying an outdoor hike be aware that low bushes and tall grasses harbor ticks and insects that lurk about even in cooler weather. Protect yourself by staying on the trail, tucking pants into socks, applying a topical repellent, and wearing permethrin-treated clothing. You can find our full line of clothing here.

Pumpkin patches are an annual fall favorite that's not just for kids!

Pumpkin Patch

Corn maze. Hayrides. Petting zoo. And of course, lots of pumpkins. This annual fall favorite is not just for kids. To prepare for a fun visit, pack sunscreen, water, and snacks. With all the meandering around the farm, it is important to dress comfortably but also purposefully. Boots, pants, and long-sleeved shirts can help avoid scrapes and if treated with permethrin can provide an additional barrier to chiggers and ticks that hideout in low-growing vegetation.

Biking in cool weather - exhilarating!


Air up your tires, put on your helmet, and head to your favorite bike trail. The cool weather is ideal for riding but dress in layers for maximum comfort. If possible, take along a lock, lights, and puncture repair kit to be further equipped. Ride in the middle of the path to avoid spindly foliage swiping against your legs, a favorite perch for ticks. In addition, avoid stopping at stagnant water sources such as ponds. Although these are scenic, they can be fertile breeding grounds for mosquitoes. To be on the safe side consider a bug repellent spray and permethrin-treated socks or pants.


Who doesn't love picking apples right from the tree?

U-Pick Apples

Seasonal. Fresh. Delicious. Experience the bounty of farm-fresh produce. Go early in the day for the best selection. Whether for canning, preserving, baking, or just eating, the endless varieties make for impossible decisions. Some decisions are easier than others, such as bringing along sunscreen and insect spray, wearing a hat, and sturdy footwear.

Fall picnics are one of the best ways to get out in nature. Bring your insect repellent gear!


Gathering outside to eat when the temperature drops is another way to savor the fall season. Pack a basket. Fill a thermos. Grab your jacket. Before leaving, re-check the forecast and make a plan for combating the insects that food notoriously attracts. Consider creating a no bug zone by bringing along nets to cover food and odorless permethrin-treated blankets as a safeguard.

As you enjoy these outdoor fall activities please know that your health and safety are important to us. Remember that ticks and other insects are still active even in the cooler weather. Stay protected by applying an insect repellent and wearing permethrin-treated Insect Shield Clothes and Gear.