Testimonials - Customers Love Our Bug Repellent Clothes!

"Thank you so much for the Insect Shield clothes for the team going to Peru.  We were constantly exposed to insects of all kinds that could have been harmful to us, but the clothing help shield us from potential malaria, etc.  All on our team were so grateful for your services. On one of our excursions, we traveled on the Amazon River to a place the locals called 
"Monkey Island".  We were fascinated to see all sorts of wildlife, but at the same time, very grateful to be protected from insect bites.  A guide with us got bitten several times while we were on the island, but no one on the team reported any bites. THANK YOU, INSECT SHIELD!"


We're video production team that shoots all over the world. a friend gave us a hat treated with insect shield. We wore it while filming in India and were amazed at how well it worked. The following year filming in Africa we outfitted ourselves with shirts & pants treated with Insect Shield. Our guide who didn't have treated clothing was constantly swatting mosquitoes and tsetse flies. We, on the other hand, had none buzzing around us. This is a great product. Now we never leave home without it.

Jim Watt/Bennett-Watt HD Productions

Living next to Farm Lands in Western NJ, I hunt and train my English Setter for upland game. We spend a great deal of time outdoors, partly because the dog is thick-headed, mostly because we enjoy the outdoors. ticks are abundant out this way, I found the insectshield site through tickencounter.org and won some clothes. These clothes work great! I worry more about the dog getting bit by ticks than myself. I will be purchasing more Insect Shield for the whole family. Thanks for a great product.

Your mosquito nets saved the day (actually the night)!
"I own a small house on the edge of the jungle in Yelapa Mexico. This is a traditional palapa style house without windows. Bugs, especially mosquitoes are a major nuisance as they seem to be able to sneak into our mosquito netting through the net flaps and small fabric flaws. I've just installed Insect Shield mosquito nets and hand have to say they are awesome! There are no bugs anywhere near our beds. Never again shall we be awaken by the buzzing of bugs around our heads at night."

Mike, Seattle, WA

We'd love to help spread the word...
"My husband is a farmer, and has been tortured by ticks. He had gotten to the point that he was considering giving up farming. I got him an array of your clothing and his life was transformed! He has not had a tick bite in over six weeks! We are thrilled and grateful. We'd love to help spread the word about your clothing."

Many thanks, Ann and Rob Leonard, Chapel Hill, NC

Yea Insect Shield!
"My wife and I just came back from exploring the Amazon jungle and Devil's Island (French Guiana) for a couple of weeks-all highly insect infested and all places where one can get malaria and yellow fever if not careful.  One stop was a small village called Boca da Valeria that is only accessible by small boat or canoe.  We brought some supplies to their one-room school house and made a lot of kids quite happy.  And we were happy too because with our Insect Shield garb, we didn't get the first bite!  I attach a photo on the steps of the school. Great product!! Cheers!"

Ralph Davison, former school headmaster and international private school consultant

I loved it!
"...I wore an Insect Shield shirt while on safari in India a few weeks ago. I loved it! I wore it every day and will be writing about it next week. I'm leaving for Brazil (Iguassu Falls) in 2 days and didn't get a Yellow Fever vaccination so I will be wearing it again the whole time.

Johnny Jet

Insect Shield Buff really shined
"This latest trip to the Bahamas we experienced a lot of wind, moderate temps and a fair amount of clouds. I always keep a Buff or two in the pack everyday, this particular trip I carried an "Insect Shield" Buff and a conventional UV. During this two week venture, I did not have to wear a Buff for sun protection very often. That said, in the afternoon - when the winds sat down, the bugs were bad. Mosquitos, no-see-ums and a few unidentified species. My "Insect Shield" Buff really shined during the long treks back to base slogging through the mangroves. Everyone else in my group was dined on by the blood suckers - I was spared. Typically, the biting insects down there go for the face, so the Buff is ideal protection. Best,"


The Bug Buster has won hands down
"I have used the Amigo Bug Buster Insect Shield horse fly sheet from Horseware Ireland for the past two summer seasons. This summer was the most intense for insects and the Bug Buster has won hands down. I have five horses and one from America could only be out for one hour a day. With Amigo Bug Buster he has been able to stay outside from 6:30 in the morning until mid afternoon. I have no insects or flies in my stable in the evenings and my horses are calm. The Bug Buster is and will always be a winner for me."

Angela Winberg, Helsignborg, Sweden

A remarkable breakthrough in tick protection
"Protection on your clothing, not your skin...is one of our main messages for tick-bite protection and disease prevention. We've seen that permethrin-treated clothing, such as Insect Shield, is highly effective against the deer tick vectors of Lyme disease. In one recent study, human subjects wearing Insect Shield shoes, socks, shorts and shirts were significantly more protected than those wearing untreated clothing. Insect Shield is effective, comfortable and convenient, and represents a remarkable breakthrough in tick protection and disease prevention."

Thomas N. Mather, Ph.D., Director, University of Rhode Island Tick Encounter Resource Center, www.tickencounter.org

Fabulous, bug-bite-free Bahamas honeymoon
"We spent 3 days on Long Island, Bahamas. We made the mistake of not wearing Insect Shield clothing our first evening and were swarmed by mosquitoes, literally. On the second evening we were equipped with the Insect Shield pants/shirts and were happily amazed at their effectiveness. It was nice to eat dinner without swatting bugs away, and not being lathered in bug spray. We had a fabulous bug-bite-free Honeymoon from that day on :) Thank You Insect Shield!"

The Toskes, Jax, FL

Wishing for more stores with kids' sizes
"We have embraced Insect Shield clothes for Houston's warm, wet, mosquito-breeding summer months--especially for our boys, Jack and Henry. Last summer Jack intrepidly ventured into nearby mosquito-infested salt marshes for a "bug hunt" with the Houston Museum of Natural History's summer camp program. Dressed head to toe in Insect Shield gear, Jack never suffered a bite all week despite clouds of hungry mosquitoes!  I used it fishing near the Amazon last year with the same result. We like all cotton the best and only wish more stores carried kids' items."

Ken Hoagland of Houston, Texas, father of adventurous Jack and Henry

"I wore Insect Shield socks and shirts when I tromped through a jungle of tangles in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia for 3 days. Not one tick or chigger bite. There were many regular ticks and the tiny deer ticks that carry Lyme disease on my pants but not one on my body. Amazing."

Clay R. Trainum of NC, world traveler, hiking in VA

Pleasantly surprised
"After just returning from the Amazon rain forest, I was pleasantly surprised to arrive mosquito-bite-free, thanks to the Insect Shield ExOfficio pants!"
Jeff Corwin, Wildlife Biologist

Insect Shield wearers remained unbitten
"Initially, I was skeptical, but after two long seasons of testing, including a trip to Ungava where three Insect Shield wearers remained unbitten while all around us blood flowed...I can no longer imagine life in the outdoors without it." 

James R. Babb, Editor, Gray's Sporting Journal

Protection for the entire family
"Cases of Lyme disease continue to increase each year and have more than doubled in the last 10 years...permethrin-treated clothing, such as Insect Shield, is one of the most convenient and effective methods of protection for the entire family."

Kenneth R. Dardick, MD FACP, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, International Society of Travel Medicine

Insect Shield shall be part of my VERY limited packing list.
"I spend 8 months of the year traveling and teaching ecology to undergraduate students. This past year, I chose Insect Shield for my insect protection shirt. In my travels, insects are not merely a nuisance, but can be life-threatening or at least, trip-ending. The shirt went everywhere. It looked stylish and performed beyond my expectations both in cities and extreme rural areas (living with Masai in Tanzania, researching organic cotton farms in central India, hiking in New Zealand, exploring Zapotec mountain communities in Mexico). It soon became indispensable and much envied. I'm signed up for another similar year and Insect Shield shall be part of my VERY limited packing list."

J. Lee Jones, PhD, Boston, MA

I thank you for manufacturing such a product.
"Before taking a recent trip to Brazil, I purchased three blouses, a hat and a pair of slacks...I went deep into the rain forest, up the El Nigro River out of the town of Manaus. Although some people on the same trip said they had as many as 35 bites, I had NONE. I used no spray or lotion, but just relied on my Insect Shield outfits."

Bernadine F. Peterson of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, about her trip to South America

I hope that you have a vigorous marketing program ... Everyone who works in the woods should be able to buy it.
"...As a scientist, I am skeptical about anecdotal evidence. I always want a valid control, multiple experiments and, if statistics are involved, a double blind trial. However, I have had not a single tick while wearing Insect Shield clothing...I have enthusiastically recommended the product to a neighbor (who gets an anaphylactic reaction to tick bites) and friends who also work outside on their wooded property. Seems to deter mosquitoes, as well..."

Ph.D. who prefers anonymity, of California, working in heavy, leafy woods at her home

I was bug-bite-free the whole week.
"...I was skeptical but...I took it with me to Boy Scout summer camp...While the other adult leaders and scouts huddled under bug nets and got bitten around the campfire, I was bug-bite-free the whole week...My sons who hate the traditional protection options are getting some shirts for future camp and hunting trips. Great product!"
Favorite Thing: Repellants can destroy plastics if they get spilled on them (knife handles, car dashboards, coatings on back packs, etc.). Insect Shield leaves no residue and so will not destroy plastic.

Paul Martens of New Hampshire, enjoying Boy Scout camp

I didn't have any mosquito bites on me.
"I just got back from a month in Costa Rica...really impressed by the effectiveness of my Insect Shield clothing...I spent two nights sleeping in a hammock in the jungle. I slept in my Insect Shield clothing and used extra Insect Shield shirts as a pillowcase and sheet. Not only was it an amazing experience, but I didn't have any mosquito bites on me."

Monica Cortada of Maryland, traveling in Costa Rica

I never saw a single tick.
"We had a very mild winter here in North Alabama, therefore when turkey season rolled around this spring, I knew the insects would be in full force. I purchased Insect Shield camo pants, shirt and facemask hat. I hunted with my good friend...each morning he would soak himself down with bug spray, it didn't work, he picked ticks and fanned mosquitoes while he should have been hunting. I never saw a single tick and was never bothered by mosquitoes. Insect Shield really works!"
Favorite Thing: Not having to spray down with bug spray.

Wes James of Alabama, enjoying turkey hunting

My problem with no-see-ums is gone.
"...I have severe reactions (like a bee sting) to no-see-um bites, but have no idea WHEN I'm actually getting bitten...The bad itchy reactions start a couple of hours later...The last three seasons have required trips to the medical doctor...late last season...my wife purchased some Insect Shield clothing for me. To describe it succinctly: My problem with no-see-ums is gone, and I can return to the outdoors. My sincere thanks to you..."
Favorite Thing: No sticky sprays that sweat off into eyes, burning them.

Richard Musser of Oregon, returning to the outdoors

I absolutely love your products!
"I have a wooded backyard, including a pond, with hundreds of mosquitoes. In previous years, despite being covered with various DEET insecticides, I still came in with numerous bites. I first purchased your products last year...and did not get a single bite! In addition, I no longer get the rashes I used to get from wearing insecticides on my skin..."
Favorite Thing: It works all the time, and no insecticide smell on my skin.

Vickie Spillane of New Jersey, enjoying her backyard again

...it served me well!
"We tramped in New Zealand...February-March 2006, and I wore the Insect Shield shirt...Always, I was the least bothered by the infamous sandflies!...I, of course, bragged over its fine performance...Wouldn't you know it? It disappeared off the drying rack! I just wanted you to know, that though it is lost to me now, it served me well. I hope it is serving its new owner well, too (okay, maybe he/she deserves a few bites)!"
Favorite(Thing) : It(works!)

Sally Becker of Wyoming, tramping the Great Walks on the South Island of New Zealand

Hurrah for Insect Shield products.
"... on my June 2005 fishing trip to Birch Island Resort in Ontario, Canada ... Two days were overcast and rainy. The flies were terrible. I put on my Insect Shield hat that buttons under the neck. I had an Insect Shield shirt on. The flies never bit me one time while the guide and the other fisherman kept swatting them away. Hurrah for Insect Shield products... "

Dick Stewart of North Carolina, fishing in Ontario, Canada

I am truly, totally and pleasantly surprised.
"I am a professional photographer whose specialty is orchids... I just returned from a week-long trip to Los Llanos of Venezuela to photograph Cattleya violacea during its blooming season. This was my fourth trip to the country and each trip, I am plagued by the puri-puri (no-see-ums).My first trip, I discovered that while most of the folks in our party merely got a tiny red spot from these critters, I got huge nasty welts.
... I must say that I was a bit skeptical as to how well these garments would support their claim of being able to protect against biting insects ... Nonetheless it was worth a try... the only time there was little or no insect activity was when there was a downpour, or a stiff breeze.The remainder of the dusk-to-dawn hours was filled with La Plaga, as were most of the jungle and riverside areas throughout the day. And I was the only person not being bitten! I must say that the only bites I got were on exposed areas while taking a dip n' dunk bath at the old farmhouse or changing clothing. I am truly, totally and pleasantly surprised. Thank you."

Greg Allikas of Florida, photographing orchids in Venezuela

I've attached a couple of photographs I took on the trip...one of the huge mosquitoes down there.
"I'm an amateur wildlife photographer...I recently went down to the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador ... about 2 ½ hours up river via motorized canoe from Coca. Needless to say, it's a very remote location. I spent a week hiking around the rain forest taking pictures ... I hiked at all times of the day and night.Often times, I would lie on the ground and crawl into, around and over the dense vegetation...I never had any problems with any ants or other insects biting me...While I was down there, I wore nothing but Insect Shield clothing and never had to put a single drop of insect protection on the entire time.Other people...would have to practically bathe in insect topicals to keep the numerous and often quite large mosquitoes at bay. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the Insect Shield products work; and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an easy and comfortable way to protect against mosquitoes."

Mike Lowell of Florida, photographing wildlife in Ecuador

We had no problem with mosquitoes and other flying insects.
"The first time I used my scarf, I walked our dogs and usually there are a swarm of gnats and other loud buzzing things right away. Not this time. I could hear things coming and then going away!!! Yeah...We wore our Insect Shield clothes to an evening outdoor concert in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We had no problem with mosquitoesand other flying insects...while the people around us were fighting them off. We really do love our Insect Shield items."

Dick and Doreen Carr of Georgia, dogwalking and concert-going

Thank you for a most effective product that walks the talk!
"Late May in the Tug Hill area...north of Syracuse. I was on a hike and float tube fishing trip...This environment is normally misery for me. Stinging insects of all kinds pick me out of a crowd... my reaction when bitten is more severe than most people...I've tried every product...with limited results. Until now. Dressed in a long-sleeved Insect Shield shirt and cap...The only bites I got were from the trout!...Now for the amazing part...my float tube, I found deer and horse flies all over it...Being dark green and giving off heat in the afternoon sun, the tube was serving as a potent attractant. I moved slowly to the tube and...the bugs dispersed. I moved away; they immediately returned. Again, I moved close. They left...Amazing and nothing less thanwonderful for this bug-bitten backwoods fisherman. Thank you for a most effective product that walks the talk!"
Favorite Thing: Really works!

Joe Marlow of New York, floating and fishing north of Syracuse

I never got a bite.
"After Hurricane Ivan, my yard was filled with downed trees and limbs, but with even more mosquitoes... Even though it was very warm, I put on my Insect Shield shirt and pants and went to work. In 10 days of clearing my yard...I never got a bite.I am a 65-year-old woman who can't contribute my ability to move trees to Insect Shield, but it sure didn't hurt."
Favorite Thing: No side effect like I experience with DEET, and I looked great while doing my work.

Lynda Wagner of Florida, cleaning up after Hurricane Ivan

We can't express our gratitude enough.
"[He] continues to do well over there [Iraq], although the heat is getting miserable. It's been in the mid-140s during the day. And wearing full uniform and helmet, 50 lbs. of Kevlar and 2 loaded weapons, it's very draining. But at least, the bugs are not biting."

D. and J. Lepage, about their nephew in Iraq, who has Insect Shield uniforms

INSECT SHIELD is a fishing MIRACLE!!!!!!
"I am on the water 200 days a year...Being in Canada, on the Red River, in Manitoba, in early fall you can imagine the intensity of the mosquitoes. At dusk...the big boy Buzzers and Stingers came out. I was wearing my Insect Shield shirt and hat, and there was literallya force field of B52-sized skeeters around me, and not a one landed on me or touched me... INSECT SHIELD is a fishing MIRACLE!!!!!! Thanks"

Adam Paul, North Carolina, professional fisherman, fishing in Canada

I tried Insect Shield in some of the worst areas you can imagine.
"There are nearly 40 species of mosquitoes in the southeastern area of Louisiana. Along with these...which breed nearly all year long...we sometimes have to contend with biting gnats and deerflies...That is why I was so pleased to see how well Insect Shield apparel worked...I tried Insect Shield in some of the worst areas you can imagine. After all the rain we had this summer, mosquito landing counts in the marsh and wooded areas got as high as 50/minute. Insect Shield definitely allowed me to work in areas that would have been impossible to tolerate without applying some kind of insect protection. One of the good things about these clothes is that you don't have to be constantly re-applying chemicals to your skin. My wife and I carry Insect Shield clothes with us whether we are fishing in the marsh or riding on the river-you never know what you may run into... I wonder if it protects against alligators?"

Captain Gary Taylor of Louisiana

Even though the flies and mosquitoes were as bad as ever, we got nearly perfect protection.
"...in late May...we took a bush plane to our regular camp on Lac Vimont to fish for walleye and northern pike, and hunt bear. We normally are miserable from fighting bites from mosquitoes and those aggressive Canadian black flies...This year we wore Insect Shield-treated clothes and...got nearly perfect protection... Instead of the dozens of mosquito and black fly bites I have gotten in previous years, with Insect Shield I got only one bite from a black fly which few up my sleeve and got trapped there...In short, in 20 years of these fishing trips, no matter how much DEET I used, I don't think I ever came back with fewer than 25 black fly bites. And...the ground stand was approached by eight normally smell-sensitive bears that obviously could not detect the treatment. From my point of view, the Insect Shield apparel has eliminated the black fly and mosquito problem for us...I'd hate to think of ever going fishing again without the protection of my Insect Shield apparel."

Thomas Collins of North Carolina, fishing and bear hunting in Canada

Testimonial: We're video production team that shoots all over the world. a friend gave us a hat treated with insect shield. We wore it while filming in India and were amazed at how well it worked. The following year filming in Africa we outfitted ourselves with shirts & pants treated with Insect Shield. Our guide who didn't have treated clothing was constantly swatting mosquitoes and tsetse flies. We, on the other hand, had none buzzing around us. This is a great product. Now we never leave home without it.

Jim Watt/Bennett-Watt HD Productions

"We absolutely love the Insect Shield Amigo Fly Sheets! We have used them on over half of our 28 horses here at the farm for the past 18 months and observed a huge difference between those treated with Insect Shield vs the fly sheets that are not treated. Flies are always a challenge on a farm this large, and the Insect Shield treated sheets are superb. We strongly recommend these specially treated sheets for show horses like ours, older horses who cannot tolerate insects, bites, and other irritation, and for those owners who want the best for their animals."

Hunters Pointe Stables
High Point, North Carolina
Ron G.

"I have been buying your products for many years, since my son got Lyme disease in 2006. He has bad skin reactions to any topical protection (even the "natural" ones), and I was very excited when I first saw your products. I thought "This is too good to be true." From our first wearing, it was clear that Insect Shield worked beyond my wildest hopes. My son never had a reaction to the clothing, and both of us have been blissfully tick and mosquito free for many years of hiking, yard work and outdoor fun. My only complaint was that we couldn't always find the styles or sizes of clothing that we wanted. When I saw that you had introduced Insect Shield Your Own Clothing, I got excited all over again. I immediately sent out a box of clothing for both of us. I was thrilled with the service. The clothing arrived quickly, very neatly packed, and I loved the fact that there was an information label added to the inside of each garment. Once again, your products and quality have impressed me! My son can attend a month of farm camp next month in his own style, and I know I'll never have to worry about lyme disease again. Thank you for protecting our health and comfort over the years. We depend on you!"

Melissa Ray

"As a veterinarian and founder of Dezi & Roo, I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with the Insect Shield blanket and bandana. I appreciate the fine quality, practicality, and effectiveness of both items. Since mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks all carry deadly diseases and are of great concern to most pet owners, I was thrilled to find your product which helps minimize contact with these pesky insects. The ability to prevent these disease carrying pests from bothering our furry friends is amazing. Dezi & Roo carries a select line of veterinary selected, solution solving products that make life better for pets and their owners. I believe the Insect Shield blanket and bandana fit in nicely with our company and goals. Thank you for allowing me to share your wonderful products with my customers and their beloved four-footed family members."

Dr. Lynn Bahr, graduate/University of GA College of Veterinary Medicine, D.V.M. Founder of Dezi & Roo Pet Solutions

"Thank you Insect Shield for helping to make our expedition across Mt. Edziza Provincial Park in beautiful British Columbia, Canada such a great success! You kept the clouds of hungry bugs away so we could focus on making a film about the spectacular landscape and the amazing people that take care of it. 10 days. 70 miles, 9 valleys, 20+ river crossings, 7 bears and a couple of glaciers!"

Eric S.

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