Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs
Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs

Insect Shield Your Clothes - Easy Packs

Send In Your Clothes for Permethrin Repellent Treatment


Regular price$119.95 USD

Skip the hassle of spraying permethrin repellent on clothing yourself. Just send us your clothes, and we'll add long-lasting permethrin bug repellent for you.
  • Fill a prepaid envelope with as many items as you like
  • All shipping costs are included
  • Once we treat your clothes, they’ll repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers and midges
  • Professional treatment lasts longer than do-it-yourself permethrin sprays
  • No need for re-application, lasts 70 washings or the expected lifetime of the items

Easy Pack Options

Insect Shield Easy Packs are designed to make our Insect Shield Your Own Clothes repellent treatment service more convenient and easy to use, as well as offering cost savings.

When you order an Easy Pack you will be shipped a packet with the return shipping labels already affixed. Easy Packs packets are 19” by 14” pre-paid UPS envelopes. Each Easy Pack holds on average 10-15 items. Large or bulky items take up more space and may reduce the number of items you can fit in each pack. Do not overfill your Easy Pack as it may result in damage or loss of your items. Pre-paid shipping eliminates the need to make a trip to the Post Office or pay separately for shipping. 

You may fill the pack with any clothing items (excluding underwear, dry-clean only goods, line-dry only goods, or waterproof goods) and drop it off at any UPS pickup location for delivery to Insect Shield. Return shipping back to you is included in the price, too! 

Additional Notes:

  • Expedited shipping isn't available for Easy Packs. If you want expedited shipping please select the 'Per Piece' option.
  • The typical Easy Pack process from the time we receive your Easy Pack to the return of your goods takes 2-3 weeks (The process cannot be expedited).
  • Easy Pack price includes shipping. 
  • Please remember to include the Easy Pack form attached to your invoice in your shipment.
  • Shrinkage: The Insect Shield treatment will cause shrinkage. Slightly more than a first wash. Please wash items prior to sending to Insect Shield for treatment, especially new items.
  • Easy Packs are not available for Alaska, Hawaii, or International. 
  • Insect Shield cannot reimburse losses due to lost or delayed packages for greater than $100.
  • Insect Shield Your Clothes Easy Packs are non-refundable and cannot be returned.
  • Items intended for resale are not allowed to be sent via the Easy Pack option. If you wish to resell Insect Shield products please contact to have your inquiry directed to the correct person.

To treat a single item, try the Per Piece treatment option.


If you are not 100% satisfied with an Insect Shield purchase, you may return or exchange it.

A free shipping label will be provided for all exchanges. If you would like to make a return for a refund, you will be responsible for the return freight charge.

The following items cannot be returned or exchanged:

- Items marked as final sale
- Insect Shield Your Clothes and Easy Packs
- Custom items with embroidery and logos
- Flame resistant items

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See why people love getting their own clothing treated with Insect Shield

Customer Reviews

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Treating Your Clothes is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Send in your favorite outdoor clothes to get treated with Insect Shield's advanced permethrin treatment

1. Send in your favorite outdoor clothes

Send us your clothes to our permethrin treatment facility

2. We treat them and send them back to you

Enjoy protection from insects with your new permethrin treated clothing

3. You enjoy odorless and long-lasting insect protection

2 Convenient Options to Insect Shield Your Clothes

Now you can get your own favorite clothing treated and just like other Insect Shield apparel, the repellency added to your clothes is invisible, odorless, EPA-registered and lasts through 70 washings. And we’ve made it even easier for you...

Option #1
Per Piece

The Per Piece option is a great way to try the Insect Shield Your Clothes program or to treat a specific number of items. Send in as few as 1 item, or 20+ and we'll add our advanced Insect Shield protection for peace of mind.

option #2
Easy Packs

The Easy Pack option is a convenient way to send in multiple items to be treated. Skip the hassle of hunting down box, and pay a flat rate for a pre-paid envelope. Fill the envelope with your items, and we'll treat all of them.

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