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Knockdown Testing

Knockdown, or “KD,” testing is a widely accepted scientific laboratory methodology for determining the efficacy of insect repellent-treated textile products.

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WHO Tube Test

The WHO Tube Test is a mosquito knockdown test using standard WHO-Tubes to determine the efficacy of different insect repellent-treated textiles.

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Bio Monitoring

In 2005, Insect Shield commissioned one of the most detailed studies ever conducted on the subject of dermal exposure to wearers of permethrin-treated clothing. 

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Permethrin Study

Pilot study assessing the effectiveness of long-lasting permethrin-impregnated clothing for the prevention of tick bites.

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Scent Recognition

To determine if clothing treated with Insect Shield Repellent Technology will retain and emit any odor that could potentially alarm whitetail deer and alert them to an unnatural presence in their environment.

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Research Videos

Insect Shield WHO Tube Test

Knockdown Test

Tick Attachment Test

Insect Shield Blanket Field Use Simulation Test