How to Get a Tick Tested for Disease

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“If people find a tick, they can send it to us and we do DNA and RNA testing to find out if that tick carried one of many different bacteria, protozoa, or viruses.”

- Paul Killinger, Tick Report Lab Director

What is TickReport?

TickReport is a service based in Amherst, MA, that offers comprehensive tick analysis. They accept ticks sent in by individuals who have been bitten by ticks. The analysis includes:

  • Identifying the tick species
  • Determining the feeding duration
  • Conducting DNA and RNA testing to detect up to 25 different disease-causing microbes the tick may carry, including pathogens like Lyme Disease. 

Why should I get at tick tested?

Getting a tick tested through TickReport can provide valuable information for both individuals and the broader community. While it is not a substitute for medical consultation or diagnosis, tick testing offers several benefits. When bitten by a tick, healthcare providers can only estimate the risk based on the tick's feeding duration and species. Tick testing provides more precise information about the tick's type, feeding duration, and the specific pathogens it carries or doesn't carry. This information can help guide your doctor's approach to care, such as prescribing antibiotics if necessary. Unlike blood tests, which may take weeks for results, TickReport delivers highly accurate information within three business days, enabling you to make better-informed decisions about protecting yourself from tick-borne illnesses. Additionally, the data collected from tick testing contributes to valuable insights for the scientific and medical communities.

How does TickReport work?

Sending a tick to TickReport is easy. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Place your order - Fill out the online form and place your order. TickReport offers testing packages starting as low as $50. 
  2. Mail your tick - Next, place it, whether whole or partial, in a plastic bag and send it to TickReport's tick testing lab. TickReport will identify the tick species and determine the appropriate tests to perform. If you reside in Massachusetts, you also have the option to personally deliver the tick to the TickReport laboratory.
  3. Results emailed to you in 1 to 3 days - Finally, TickReport will analyze your tick and then deliver your comprehensive results to your email no longer than three business days later. 

While it's best to help prevent tick bites by wearing permethrin-treated socks and clothing, if you are bitten by a tick, consider sending it to TickReport for comprehensive DNA and RNA analysis. 

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