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Dr. Thomas Mather, the
Your Tick Expert
Meet Dr. Thomas Mather, the "Tick Guy"

As one of the nation’s leading tick experts, Dr. Thomas Mather, of the University of Rhode Island's Tick Encounter Resource Center, is a leading authority on tick ecology, tick control strategies, tick-bite protection, and tick-borne disease prevention.

With practical tips and critical tick information, think of Dr. Thomas Mather as your go-to "tick guy."

Learn why Dr. Thomas Mather recommends permethrin to help prevent tick bites

3 convenient expert-recommended options for long-lasting permethrin tick repellent

Get clothing with built-in permethrin

"Ticks like to crawl from the ground up so getting permethrin-treated clothing, especially socks and pants, is a great way to help stay protected."

- Dr. Thomas Mather

Treat at home with permethrin spray

"I recommend treating shoes once a month with permethrin spray. Just make sure to fully spray each shoe until it is damp to get the right level of coverage."

- Dr. Thomas Mather

Send Insect Shield your clothes and get them treated with permethrin

"Sending in your clothes to Insect Shield is great option. Their Easy Pack option allows you to fill a bag at a flat rate and get all of your clothing treated. Just remember to send in your favorites (holes and all), because then you'll know you'll wear them–and that's what's most important."

- Dr. Thomas Mather

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