Insect Shield: Technology for the Future
At Insect Shield, we believe that pesticides can be used in smarter ways, and our products exemplify this philosophy. Pesticides provide many benefits; however, thorough research and study must be conducted so that they do not create unforeseen and unwanted consequences.

Some repellent products require fogging or spraying, and topical insect repellents can readily come off while bathing or wading through a body of water. Also, many traditional insect-repellent products require disposal of a non-biodegradable container.

A Positive View of the Future
Insect Shield technology represents a responsible way to use insect repellent. Insect Shield puts just enough bug protection right where it is needed—around an individual. Our insect repellent clothing products repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers, ants and midges (no-see-ums), with only a small amount of long-lasting active ingredient. Compared to spraying, fogging, or topical insect repellents, Insect Shield products can help reduce overall pesticide and repellent use. Simply put, Insect Shield provides a method of insect protection with many advantages.

Innovative Thinking, Responsible Management and a Problem-Solving Attitude
Only a small amount of permethrin is used in each Insect Shield garment, and it is bound tightly to the fabric fibers. Independent laboratory tests show that the active ingredient remains in Insect Shield apparel after 70 launderings. Similar to the dye in colorfast clothing, the Insect Shield active ingredient is designed to stay in the garment.

Is the Insect Shield manufacturing process responsible, too? Yes. The Insect Shield process utilizes a proprietary system designed for no loss of active ingredient into the environment.

Insect Shield manufacturing processes and procedures are designed to be clean, efficient and contained, and our facilities utilize programs that support and promote waste recycling and energy efficiency. The innovative thinking represented by Insect Shield products and the responsible management of our company depict a creative, problem-solving attitude—one that is necessary for dealing with the environmental challenges faced by everyone.

Both individually and globally, we must create better ways to address the problems posed by insects—and insect-borne diseases—while using pesticides sparingly and wisely. The health and well being of future generations depend on our ability to create valuable new technologies while preserving the Earth’s environment and resources.

The future of insect protection lies in more intelligent application of technology. Insect Shield is committed to offering products that have a positive impact on people’s comfort, while considering the long-term well being of our planet.