How to Prevent Bed Bugs with Permethrin Spray

Insect Shield’s EPA registered permethrin spray can help repel bed bugs. Use it on mattresses as well as to treat luggage to reduce the risk of bed bugs.

Steps for treating a bed with permethrin:

  1. Take your bed apart and spray all joints and surfaces until fully covered.
  2. Spray the mattress, paying attention to tufts and seams.
  3. Allow to dry thoroughly before making the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bed Bugs:

How Can I Tell if We Have Bed Bugs?

When it comes to identifying bed bugs, it is best to catch the problem early on. Unfortunately, bed bugs can be difficult to identify. That’s because their bites often resemble those of mosquitoes and other common outdoor insects.

One of the easiest ways to determine whether you have a bed bug infestation is to remain vigilant while cleaning. If you notice red stains on your sheets, it could be a sign of bed bugs. That’s because those red or brownish stains are crushed bed bugs and dried blood. Additionally, be on the lookout for bed bug excrement, which manifests as dark stains. 

What Repels Bed Bugs?

Permethrin is an effective tool for helping control bed bugs. By implementing this approach, permethrin discourages bed bugs from infesting the bed and reducing the likelihood of an infestation.

The scent of peppermint and chrysanthemums also repels bed bugs. The latter plant contains pyrethrin, a neurotoxin known for its ability to kill insects. What makes this substance so effective is its lethality to insects but relative safety to household animals, such as dogs and cats.

What Can I Spray for Bed Bugs?

Knowing where to spray can help you eliminate bed bugs faster. First, line the corners with a layer of permethrin spray, spraying all the joints and surfaces of your bed frame. Then spray the mattress, don't forget to spray any tufts and seams. Once you are finished spraying, allow the permethrin spray to dry and apply clean sheets. You can also spray clothing and luggage to reduce the risk of spreading bed bugs. 

Time to Put the Bed Bugs to Bed

Don’t let bed bugs dominate your life. If you have bed bugs, you have options for fighting back. If you want to stop bed bugs in their tracks, permethrin spray is one of your best assets. It works on mattresses and luggage to ensure unwanted pests don’t take over your home.

Now that you know how to identify, repel, and spray for bed bugs, you should be ready to defend your home against these tiny unsavory creatures.

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