Thomas Mather

Thomas Mather, leading tick expert in the United States

One of the nation’s leading tick experts, Thomas Mather, Ph.D., is an established authority on preventing Lyme disease, and is highly sought after for his entertaining and memorable messages about tick bite prevention. He is professor of Public Health Entomology at the University of Rhode Island and Director of URI’s Tick Encounter Resource Center (TERC). His work in tick ecology, tick control and anti-tick vaccine development is nationally and internationally recognized, and TERC’s interactive website is one of the nation’s leading resources for tick bite and tick-borne disease prevention. Dr. Mather recommends Insect Shield permethrin treated clothing as a first line of defense against tick bites and tick borne illnesses. 

Tick Encounter Resource Center

TickEncounter promotes tick-bite protection and tick-borne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action. TickEncounter utilizes its principal means to connect with stakeholders and extend tick control and tick-borne disease prevention research to end-users in an engaging manner, thereby empowering them to take appropriate action. Their motto "Be TickSmart™ Stay Tick-Safe!" guides us as they help families and others get outside, exercise and enjoy nature without letting that one little bit of nature — ticks — enjoy them.
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Videos with Dr. Thomas Mather

Explore a variety of videos with Dr. Thomas Mather or visit the Equip-4-Ticks Resource Center for helpful tick information made in partnership with Insect Shield.