Scent Recognition - Can Deer Smell Insect Shield Repellent?

Insect Shield Scent Recognition Study

Scent Recognition Field Test Study – Whitetail Deer

Conducted by: Pell Kennedy – Avid Hunter


To determine if clothing treated with Insect Shield Repellent Technology will retain and emit any odor that could potentially alarm whitetail deer and alert them to an unnatural presence in their environment.

Study Overview:

Insect Shield treated clothing (3-D Leafy Camo, a fleece hood and cotton cap) was put on 2 mannequins that were placed in the woods of Eastern North Carolina where whitetail deer frequent.

The clothing was washed with Scent-A-Way® detergent, dried with a Scent-A-Way Fresh Earth® dryer sheet and stored in a zip top bag. Note: No masking scent was added to the storage bag.

Also, tests studies reveal that Insect Shield efficacy and longevity is not impacted by odor masking detergent washes.

2 Mannequins were outfitted and placed in the woods 15 feet apart. Trail cameras with infrared sensors were set in place to capture the activity. Shelled corn was scattered in the area as bait.

This set-up was left undisturbed for four days.


Numerous pictures reveal that the deer ventured within a few feet of the mannequins.

Results of this field study show that clothing treated with Insect Shield Repellent Technology do not emit any odor that alarms deer.

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