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Parasite-Proofing Your Home, by Dr. Katy Nelson, DVM


We hate to say it . . . however, chances are, if you find a tick or flea on your pet, the likelihood of them being in your home is quite large. In this case, simply treating your pet won’t rid the problem entirely, because you risk re-infestation until pests are fully eradicated.Here are ...

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Tick Checks, Tick Awareness and Prevention Strategies


How to Stay Protected while Enjoying the Outdoors & What to do when you Return Inside.

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Insect Safety Recommendations for Employers


Employers should protect their workers from tick-borne diseases by taking these steps:

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Vector-Borne Disease: Education, Risks, & New Protective Products for your Pet


Dr. James St. Clair, an outspoken voice for dog health techniques and practices, has had a core focus on pet owner education since 2004.

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EXPERT TIPS: Do Ticks Die after First Frost? No Such Luck.


Have you been wondering (or hoping) that the recent chill in the air sweeping the nation will freeze the palps off of the ticks that have plagued us and our beloved pets this summer and fall? It’d be nice, right?

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#TalkAboutTicks – Insect Shield Proud Supporters of Project Lyme


Lyme disease: 300,000 Cases a Year, Yet Still a Silent Epidemic. Project Lyme, Ally Hilfiger, and Leading Doctors met up in New York at the Hearst Tower for a Vital Conversation about Prevention Tactics/Early Detection

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Insect Shield®, World Vision® and All Hand’s Volunteers Partnering to Protect in Harvey, Irma and Maria’s Wake


Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall again last Wednesday, this time over eastern Texas and parts of western Louisiana, continuing its deluge of historic proportions. Since Friday, Harvey has flooded Houston and the surrounding area with nearly 52+ inches of rain in four days, a s...

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Insect Shield® Repellent Technology Providing Added Layer of Protection for Olympic Athletes


The world’s attention has focused heavily on the current Zika virus outbreak which has already affected twenty four countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The mosquito-borne disease is also a major concern for those heading to the Rio Olympic Games. The World Health Organization ha...

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Gear Tips: How To Get Bugs To Bug Off


Bugs. This time of the year, they seem to make their way into everything. Pests can sneak through screen doors, sprays and camping equipment, generally cause people a huge pain—or at the very least, annoyance. But can critters so tiny really be that dangerous?

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Vulnerable Community in Honduras Facing Zika Virus Challenges Turns to Insect Shield® Blankets


Located in Santa Barbara, Honduras, the FootSteps Missions Garden of Love and Hope facility is in a hotbed location for the Zika virus. The orphanage works with children termed “economic orphans.”

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Lyme disease is one of the fastest growing epidemics to date


Insect Shield continues to be called upon by partners concerned about insect-borne diseases for help devising and communicating education tools and prevention tactics and has reached out to leading health experts to ramp up resources in the wake o...

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Catastrophic floods in Peru wipe out infrastructure impacting 1 million


Rain. Heavy, incessant rain, powered by El Nino, has soaked the country of Peru causing rivers to overflow and massive mudslides to occur destroying roads and wiping out entire villages. It is said to be the worst flooding Peru has seen in more than 20 years.

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Experiencing Malaria’s Devastating Impact, Real Time.


Our team has researched and written about the impacts of malaria for more than a decade. Over the years, we have grown accustomed to, and calloused by, sharing the many staggering statistics about the disease such as these…

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Urban travel market soars 82% driving apparel innovation.


City trips have soared 82% since 2007 to reach a 22% share of all holidays (IBT World Travel Trends Report). As travelers visit both urban destinations, they are faced with exploration that may be physically challenging, include a range in temperatures, and prolonged sun exposure. In response, ...

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CDC and NIOSH Award $2 Million Grant for Lyme Disease Prevention Study Utilizing Insect Shield® Repellent Technology


Lyme disease has become one of the fastest growing epidemics to date. The incidence of tick-borne disease throughout the country has doubled since 1991. Nationally, the CDC estimates about 300,000 cases of Lyme disease are diagnosed annually.

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