How Long Can Ticks Live on Clothing?

When we step outdoors, we immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature. However, this also means coming into contact with tiny, uninvited guests like ticks. These critters are not only a nuisance but can hitch a ride into our homes via clothing or pets. But just how long can ticks live on clothing?

Understanding Tick Resilience

Ticks are remarkably resilient. If they haven't found their way to a host, they might just be quietly residing on your clothes. Once these clothes are tossed into a hamper, especially one in a humid environment, ticks can survive for an unexpected period—sometimes up to a few days.

Proactive Steps: Safeguarding Your Home from Ticks

To outsmart these tenacious pests, it's advisable to act immediately upon returning indoors. Removing your clothes right away and placing them in the dryer on high heat for about 5 to 10 minutes is an effective way to deal with them. The heat dehydrates and is usually fatal to ticks.

A Stronger Defense: Permethrin-Treated Clothing

For an even more robust protective measure, consider clothing treated with permethrin. This treatment bonds a repellent to the fabric, creating an effective barrier against ticks. With permethrin-treated clothing, the worry of ticks living on your clothing is greatly reduced, letting you enjoy the outdoors with greater peace of mind.  

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