How Does Permethrin Work?

The way permethrin works is by over-exciting an insect’s nervous system. When an insect encounters permethrin, it becomes paralyzed, and in this weakened state, the insect generally disengages, falls off, and frequently dies. 

The permethrin formulation and process designed by our researchers specifically for creating Insect Shield products is quite different from permethrin-based technologies employed in other industries. While the direct application of permethrin can be a beneficial treatment in eliminating lice and scabies, which infest and lodge directly in the skin and hair, it is not the most common or effective use. Instead, permethrin bonded to a stable carrier, such as textiles and clothing, creates a constant, prolonged effectiveness since the permethrin remains integrated with the fabric. It does not require reapplication and is invisible, odorless, and convenient. 

Insect Shield’s revolutionary permethrin technology is applied to sockspants, shirts, blanketstents, and more. The more Insect Shield present, the greater the protection. In one scientific study, Insect Shield permethrin treated clothing was shown to have 99% fewer tick attachments and 93% bite reduction versus non-permethrin treated clothing. It retains effectiveness through 70 washings, the expected lifetime of the garment. Or 25 launderings for Insect Shield gear.

The benefit of wearing permethrin treated clothing in conjunction with a topical repellent cannot be overstated. The next time you are outside, put on your Insect Shield clothing and gear, and enjoy peace of mind protection from insects and the diseases they may carry. 

How Quickly Does Permethrin Work?

Permethrin works quickly to affect insects, often immediately upon contact. This rapid effect makes permethrin an effective ingredient in insecticides and repellent products, helping provide protection against biting insects.

How Long Does Permethrin Last on Clothing?

Permethrin-treated clothing remains effective for a significant duration; it can last through 70 washes for Insect Shield clothing, which represents the expected lifetime of the garment. This longevity ensures that the clothing provides durable protection against insects, making it a convenient and reliable choice for outdoor activities and areas prone to insect-borne diseases.

What Does Permethrin do to Insects?

Permethrin acts on insects by over-stimulating their nervous systems, leading to paralysis. This effect is almost immediate upon contact, making permethrin an extremely effective insecticide against a wide variety of pests, including mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. Its mechanism disrupts the normal neurological processes in insects, which is why it's widely used in public health programs for controlling insect populations and helping prevent the spread of insect-borne diseases.

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