Insect Repellent Pants

Our Insect Repellent Pants provide a wearable first line of defense against ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting bugs, including those that may carry dangerous diseases. Our range of styles caters to both casual and work environments, helping ensure protection for any type of environment. Featuring our EPA-registered permethrin treatment, our bug repellent pants come with no usage restrictions, and can be worn by the entire family.

Experience the perfect blend of coverage, comfort, and durability with our selection of jeans, mesh sports pants, cargo pants, chinos, ripstop pants, leggings, work pants, and more. Tested and proven to work, these pants offer reliable bug repellency that lasts through 70 washings, or the expected lifetime of the garment. Invest in Insect Shield Pants for peace of mind during outdoor activities.

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