Bill Kizorek

Bill Kizorek, Philanthropist


Bill Kizorek is a man whose successes have reached across numerous business endeavors and industries. Having traveled to over 135 countries, not many human beings have the global perspective and international prowess that Bill does. As the author of ten books on the subjects of video and risk management, he has appeared on or helped produce segments for the Oprah Show, 20/20, BBC, A&E Channel, AM Singapore and all four major US television networks. In a recent video interview with Bill and his brother John, they talked about Insect Shield as the best mosquito repellent clothing available to travelers.


Whether Bill is telling stories about human trafficking in Thailand or Fair Trade cocoa farming in Ghana , he uses video to illustrate the energy and compassion that exists in those countries. By donating the services of his video production company, he provides charities with marketing tools that allow them to immediately expand their reach and impact. Bill proudly acts as a conduit for promoting the volunteer efforts of Americans abroad, and was recently recognized by the New York Times for his contribution on a global level.


As the author of ten books, Bill has written on subjects as diverse as risk management and video surveillance. For almost 20 years Bill traveled the globe as a highly sought-after public speaker, legitimizing the business of private investigation in the arena of workers’ compensation fraud. His theory and writing defined the industry in the early 1980s, and even after his retirement Bill is still considered one of the most famous private investigators in the world.

Following in his footsteps, daughter Jessica has written an authoritative book called, "Show Me: Marketing with Video on the Internet," which has been described as "an invaluable resource on a complex subject."

TV Personality

Over the course of his career, Bill has appeared on or helped produce segments for the Oprah Show, 20/20, BBC (radio and television), A&E Channel, AM Singapore, and the four major US television networks. Lately he can be found on-camera narrating the plight of charities in places as remote as Rwanda , Jordan and Guatemala . Bill’s youthful spirit and bike-riding adventures have been filmed in over 50 countries on all seven continents.


C.E.O. of Two Parrot Productions

With a background in private investigation and filmmaking, Bill co-founded the video production company in 2001 with his daughter Jessica Kizorek. With an emphasis in creating video marketing content for the Internet, the father/daughter team offers creative services to corporate clients such as Moët Hennessey and Hyatt Hotels. In addition, Two Parrot specializes in international assignments for charitable organizations and NGOs such as the World Bank.

Bill Kizorek - Bio

You can learn more about Bill and his work on the Two Parrot Productions website and on his LinkedIn profile.