YogaSlackers, Epic Adventures and Insect Shield

Founded by Jason Magness and Sam Salwei in 2005, The YogaSlackers is an eclectic group known around the world for their slackline abilities, amazing yoga skills, and inspired teaching techniques.

They have used some of our best mosquito repellent clothing and gear on several of their Epic Adventures, to protect them from mosquitos as they slept in the middle of mosquito-infested jungles, and on a 49 state road tour across the United States, just to name a few.

We like the fact that they put our mosquito nets and bug repellent clothing to the test, not just on the ground, but well above the ground!

Extreme Adventures Call for Tested and Proven Protection from Bugs

Yoga Team protected from Mosquito Bites by Insectshield

“We were probably the only team out there in the World Championships that did not come back looking like we had the measles from mosquito bites… we slept soundly in the middle of mosquito infested jungles with nothing but the Insect Shield® clothes we had on…”

- Jason Magness
  The YogaSlackers